Why choose Golden Sun Beams High School for your child ?

Shaping the new generation with moral values

Golden Sun Beams High School is just like a young child in the family of school education. We at Golden Sun Beams High School wish to fulfill the missing needs of the students at the grass-root level. A large number of schools are running in the capital of Bhopal with different types of approach, environments and motives. The schooling at primary and middle level plays a very important role in your child’s life. Your child’s basic physical needs are fulfilled by you (the parents), but there are more important needs as well in a child’s life.
          These are right mental programming and socializing your child and preparing him for the life ahead. Many parents think that it is too early for their children, But the values in life and principles of doing right things and staying away from wrong deeds are instilled in early days of childhood only. Consequently the role of school is very significant in shaping the human life whereas the role of education is not to pass out the exams or to secure high percentage only but to widen the horizon of learning.

“The best learning takes place when the teacher infuses a creative learning habit in the students and makes it an enjoyable part of lifelong quest for knowledge”.

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Golden sumBeams School's effort is to find out the inherent quality of the child and to make him capanle of utilizing his abilities. consequntely, a teacher's role in the early stage is vital. the children in their early stage copy their parents and elders. as the yenter a school, they start copying and learning from their teachers. The teachers become their ideals. It is often found that the effects of school teachers are so profound that when a child grows to become an adult, he still has the infulence of this ideal teacher/s on his character. Henceworth it is a very crucial responsibility of the school in shaping and building children's character. Besides, we also emphasize on developing the creative faculties of the children.

A high fee of school is not synonymous to moral and mental development of a child. The morals of the child play a very important role. Our country needs its individuals to have good moral behavior and character. Now-a-days children grow up in purely materialistic and consumerist atmosphere whether in society or at home. Hence their minds firmly believe that the only aim of human life is grabbing money by hook or crook, getting rich overnight and enjoy life with bad habits (smoking, drinking, etc).
          We, the management of golden sunbeams school do not belong to the community of builders and developers who live life with materialistic and consumerist attitude and values and at the same time promote and run various educational institutes as a form of trade. We believe our teachers, especially at the primary and pre-secondary levels should be honest, sincere, and dedicated. We at Golden Sun Beams High School are very particular about selecting our teachers and training them. We have observed that rarely any teacher in any school (irrespective of its name and fees structure) tries to build the national character of the school children. Our efforts in this direction will make our pupils stand out in their lives. We are also starting career counseling facility for the students of class IX or X enabling them to choose the right career move.